Name Valpolicella Classico
Grape varieties 80% Corvina, 20% Rondinella.
Training System And Plant Density Only the Pergola training system is used, with a maximum yield of 12,000 kg per hectare. The choice of this training system was made to allow the Corvina Veronese and Corvinone grape varieties to have perfect exposure to the sun.
Harvest The first ten days of October.
Vinification Gentle crushing and destemming, followed by temperature-controlled fermentation in small truncated cone-shaped stainless steel vats with daily punching down of the cap of skins into the must so as to allow for the delicate extraction of colour (anthocyanins) and all those well-structured and aromatic polyphenols that are specific to the grapes and the terroir of Fumane.
Characteristics A dry red wine. Brilliant ruby red. Cherries and cherry blossom, along with a characteristic spiciness. Extremely elegant and well-balanced.
Pairings Perfect as an aperitif and excellent with boiled white and red meats or, in general, with dishes that are not too elaborate and richly flavoured.
Ideal serving temperature 16- 18° C
Alcoholic strength 12,50%