Grape sort Cabernet Sauvignon
Category Red wine
Tasting notes: dry
Country of Origin: Hungary
Region Balaton Lake
Winemaker Kamocsay Ákos
Drinking temperature 15 - 17°C
Alcohol strength 14%
Acidity 2,6 g/l
Rest sugar 1,9 g/l
Serving suggestions Great chaser for stew-pot food, even for flavor the meal.
Medium deep ruby color Cabernet Sauvignon. Fruitiness and rich aromas are jumping out from the glass from the first moments. Typically forest fruits, sour cherry, plum, black currant and sloe, dominated, completed with jammy, coffee, and spicy characters. Rich in juicy fruits, vanilla, coffee, black chocolate and some red paprika character on the back, which complete the aromas. Typical variety character with medium tannins and acidity, easy drinking, one glass is not enough.